A painfull learning process

I wrote in a post before about the process it takes to make the cards, but I didn’t mention the process it took me to get to that Point.

I got this embroidery Machine Janome Memory Craft 350 E as a gift from my Husband but I really had no idea how to use it, the machine itself is super easy to use, but you need the embroidery file with the design you want to produce. I didn’t like the designs it came with, they are just commercial clipboard graphics in my opinion, and if I am a Designer I should make my own right?  So I got the program to design the graphics… my first struggle was to use again a Windows computer, I felt so lost, I couldn’t find any button or command. The last windows system I used was Windows XP and this windows 7 or 8 was completely different and just like a big smart phone that you have to use with the Mouse. The second thing that I had to deal with was the program, it is really complete and able to do many  many things, but after using Adobe Design programs for so many years I find the interface  no so friendly and the tools to create the graphics not that flexible, and one BIG issue… I had no idea about machine embroidery, I didn’t know the differences between the terms and how the results will be. It was painful process. Even at the end of having a design and bringing it to the machine, I had a look of the stitches and they were not what I wanted. The first of them were looking terrible from the technique, or they needed a lot of time and thread, or the supporting material was also not the correct one.

It took me a lot of days and work, feeling disappoint and hopeless. I wanted to sell the machine and give up.
But once I found it out, I learned to create shapes, and types and to attach one material on another. But so many people do that already, so what I was going to do with it? making logos on t-shirts for companies?

That is the point were I start to developed my illustrations, I realized some things about the Machine embroidery “feel and look” I don’t like for examples that the shapes are completely filled up with the embroidery stitches, or this big stroke around the shapes, because I prefer graphics to look more natural and hopefully more hand made. I also like the feeling of having two different materials, and even two different techniques, like the  painted background.

I still developing my style of machine embroidery, this is so much slower that just illustrating in paper or in the computer, because it has so many levels behind, there is also the question of devolving a product out of it; I make the cards and is something I like as a product, but I also consider the illustrations have a value alone and could be everywhere else.

Here are some pictures of the unsuccessful first results, and how  it’s developing in different products.

It would be great to heard your thoughts about my working process, feel free to leave your comments down. Thanks for reading!


Here are the pictures,
…the first you see how much thread was taking and that the stitches were all loose


here were the shapes not in the right position:DSC00201

this was ok from the embroidery but had problems when I glue it in the card:DSC00203

same here:DSC00202

or in this ones the details were gone, of what was supposed to be diamonds! DSC00204DSC00205


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