The Tree House

Living in a big city like Berlin could be something exiting and beautiful, but when you try to balance, family, personal projects, full time job and high rents, it doesn’t seam so glamorous anymore. I’d like to have my own garden for example, I’m not that good with plants but not even have a bit of green around makes me miss my home country.
We have a wonderful apartment located in a really nice neighborhood, with a price controlled rent, so when we had our kid, we knew we had to find a new place.
But then my husband had the wonderful idea of making a small tree house for him, where our little boy could sleep at night, keep his books and had space under it for toy storage. We took the unused space over the stairs and put some lights and windows. He loves his Tree House so much! and so do all the other families that visit us. My advice for small spaces is to exploit the height of the rooms and and reuse materials to get that unique look!
Have a nice week.


tree house

tree house

tree house


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