The Mercedes Benz seat’s leather

Many years ago, far away in Costa Rica, my grandfather who has always been a business person (on a small local way) got an offer from someone who bought somehow a big stock of leather from an action at the custom house, because somebody else didn’t pay the taxes of shipping it to Costa Rica. Long history short. My grandfather bought a big stock of Mercedes Benz car seat’s leather. It has some smalls mistakes that didn’t allowed to be used on car seats.
This leather has the peculiarity of been completely holed. Therefore, very difficult to sew on a normal leather sewing machine. My grandpa gave it to many different people to tried to do something with it, shoes, bags or so, with very little success.

But when I was living in Costa Rica with my husband on my family’s apartment on the city, we found the stock of forgotten leather and we asked my grandfather permission to use it and try something new. This is the result, we made beautiful reused-leather bags for computers and screen printed graphics on them.

They are very strong and last for ever!
Were can you buy them?? here!!!





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